Executive Assistant -Project Coordinator- Alexandria

Drug CATcher - Alexandria

Applicants for
1 open position
Experience Needed:
More than 7 years
Career Level:
Experienced (Non-Manager)
Job Type:
Full Time
Education Level:
Bachelor's Degree at least
Arabic, English
1 open position
Travel Frequency:
Up to 25% travel
About the Job

Job Summary

  • You are a business partner,
  • You present a window to the executive’s office.
  • You are in a strategic support role but,
  • You also play a strategic management role.


  • Your job is to help the executive do his job better,
  • You’re doing lots of other things that aren’t necessarily in service of your boss,
  • You are managing the life of someone else,
  • You are there to make a difference,
  • Your role is to put out fires,
  • Fill the gaps,
  • Anticipate the executive’s needs,
  • Exercise judgment based on those needs.
  • You understand the politics of a situation, and you understand how business functions, as a whole.
  • You’re expected to know exactly what your boss is thinking and why.


  • Market research
  • Project Management
  • Daily operations planning, control and oversight
  • Taking Minutes
  • Panning meetings, calls
Job Requirements

Qualifications and Skills

  • This is your career of choice,
  • It should not be something you are just doing until something better comes along.
  • Your ambition and your willingness to expand within your role
  • You know how to anticipate and read the moment.
  • Must do over 100 things well.
  • Must think of every detail for every function choose to step outside of your comfort zone and take risks.
  • Can strive to be a strategic business partner , but it takes work.
  • Keep in mind the opportunities can be limitless.
    continually learn and grow.
  • Know what the executive has to do every single day,
  • What must be completed,
  • What’s the goal,
  • What are the deadlines.
  • You are willing to respect someone else’s point of view and work within that parameter.
  • You are terrific at what you do
  • You are collaborative
  • You understand the business that you are in and the motivation of the executive.
  • You learn this from always communicating with the executive.
  • You know that you are managing the life of someone else, and you are there to make a difference
  • You focus on your contributions and taking responsibility for results.
  • You have to constantly demonstrate that you are indispensable, and demonstrate your relevance to the work.
  • You need to be able to apply diplomacy and good judgment in responding to all circumstances, predictable and unpredictable, as they occur.
  • You must know what your boss’s job is and how it supports the needs of the organization,
  • So you’ll be able to assist when you can and reduce stress and setbacks.
  • You use your intuition,judgment,business knowledge,motivational techniques, and personal leadership to become an integral element of the executive’s professional and personal life.
  • You adapt your technological skills to create and manage time-saving solutions.
  • You want to be constantly improving.
  • You have to be reliable and have self-discipline.
  • The main principle that drives you is a commitment to continuously improve.you think,act, and work with others to minimize crises,make decisions,and save executives time.
  • If you really want to emulate the executive assistant,you will come early and stay late,turn goals into an action plan,and then confirm and execute.you will state what you are going to do and meet those expectations;you will avoid shortcuts,tell the truth, and have the courage to tell executives what you think.
  • You have to have good judgment and discretion.
  • If you have an idea and you want to share it with your boss, make sure your timing is on point
  • Your role is to reduce or manage some of the executive’s functions,in order to give that person more time.
  • The executive who will not let go,
  • So you have to convince the executive that it’s OK.
  • Would be expected to pick up the phone at 10 p.m
  • You are aware of everything that’s happening all the time,even if it’s three o’clock in the morning.
  • Shutting down and not being available is not acceptable.
  • You will remain flexible and available.your work/life integration, You have to know what you need,and then you have to communicate that.if you need personal time on Saturday mornings,then you need to make the executive aware that you won’t be as accessible on Saturday mornings. Or you need to get someone to cover for you.
  • Taking care of yourself is essential.
  • You come first.
  • You should stay motivated to want to help someone else.
  • It’s important for you to know who you are going to be reporting to,what is that person’s management style, and what is the culture of the organization.
  • It’s important to know how to say “no” when you can’t do what is being asked, or when you may have a better solution or idea.
  • Listen to the request, and indicate that you understand what is important to the executive.
  • Think about whether you are willing to compromise.
  • Show respect for your boss’s point of view,and then clearly state why you can’t fulfill this request.
About this Company

Drug CATcher is providing services for pharmacies to enhance their performance, increase their profits and decrease their loss.

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