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Store Keeper

Minya, Egypt
Posted 3 months ago
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Job Details

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Job Description

Detailed description of the storekeeper job:

Storekeeper is a vital job responsible for managing and organizing inventory, materials, and various products.

The role of the storekeeper is to ensure that accurate reports of the necessary products are available by the requirements of the farm management on time and in the quantities required to support production and service operations.

Job Responsibilities:

Inventory Management: The storekeeper fully manages the inventory, including...:

The knowledge of the Planned requests amount of the materials and products for the possibility of optimal storage periodically.

Monitor stored levels, purchasing charts, and supply of coordination with the production manager and purchasing officer.

Must have a precise understanding of the requirements operational for the farm and how to store it.

Maintain appropriate inventory levels to meet needs Current and future.

Commitment to periodic inventory inventory, ensuring the balances are correct, and sending the inventory report to the site manager and financial department.

Commitment to the confidentiality of information.

Receiving and inspecting materials: The storekeeper receives the various materials and products sent to the store, and this includes...:

Receive a detailed statement of the required specifications This is in coordination with the production manager and purchasing officer.

He must record and document the materials received Careful examination of expiry dates.

Validation of quantities quality and ensuring that a report is prepared for the procurement and financial management officials to inform them of the actual quantities received.

Storing and arranging materials: The storekeeper organizes inventory appropriately and efficiently. This includes:

He must designate the appropriate locations for each item Be careful to prepare spacers between them and make sure to use optimal storage tools.

Correctly label materials and use an approved classification system "code" And the arrangement According to coordination with the financial department.

Facilitate access to materials and avoid chaos and losses caused by lost or damaged materials.

Quality control and management: The storekeeper must monitor the quality of stored materials and products, This includes:

He must have the ability To identify damaged or unusable materials and take the necessary measures to address quality-related problems.

Documentation and reporting: The storekeeper documents all inventory-related operations According to the documentary cycle Accurately and periodically. This includes:

Must prepare regular reports showing inventory status, inventory levels, materials used, received and dispatched, and any potential inventory problems or imbalances by sending it to the financial and project management.

Implementing safety and security procedures: The storekeeper must adhere to the safety and security procedures in the store. This includes:

Must know measures of security To protect Inventory From theft or damage. 

Handle hazardous materials and flammable materials with caution.

Training on how to use safety and security tools and optimal storage of them for quick access when necessary.

Communication and coordination: The storekeeper cooperates with other departments Such as purchasing and production management of the location.

Must have effective communication skills to coordinate with different teams and ensure needs are metCompanyIn an integrated manner.


Job Requirements

The role of storekeeper requires a combination of technical skills, managerial skills, the ability to organize, handle numbers, and communicate effectively:

Must have the ability to pay attention to detail

Ability to work independently and in a team.

Flexibility and the ability to adapt to changes and solve various problems that may arise in the context of inventory management.

Organization and arrangement skills.

Skills in working with numbers: The storekeeper must be able to handle numbers and calculations accurately.

Technology and information systems skills: With the development of technology, the storekeeper has...The ability to use inventory management systems and inventory software code and Excel.

Recruitment Requirements:

At least 3 years of experience as a storekeeper.

He holds a higher academic qualification consistent with the job requirements.

Preferably someone with an agricultural background.

Working on a farm in Minya, “the Egyptian countryside,” with the ability to live there.

Experience in working with Excel and warehouse systems.


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