Bank Accountant - Alexandria

Paradise Inn Hotels & Resorts - Mahta Alraml, Alexandria

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Experience Needed:
More than 5 years
Career Level:
Experienced (Non-Manager)
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Full Time
5,000 to 7,000 EGP per month, Monthly Bonus
1 open position
About the Job
  • Bank Accountant Duties and Responsibilities

As they go about helping their employer keep track of activities, bank accountants must perform a variety of tasks. Our analysis of job postings shows these responsibilities to be common for bank accountants:

  • Maintaining Records

Every dollar going in and out of the bank (physically or electronically) needs to be accounted for. Bank accountants oversee daily transactions in order to be certain that books balance at the end of the day, meaning there is a credit for every debit and vice versa. They also keep tabs on cash on hand to ensure the bank has a sufficient amount to handle daily customer requests.

  • Resolving Errors

Whether a bank teller gave out too much money or a member of the accounting team typed a number incorrectly, bank accountants play detective to figure out what went wrong. They then must go through procedures to rectify errors, including adjusting accounting entries.

  • Noticing Problems

Bank Accountants are often the ones who spot money laundering and other illegal actions. As they monitor records, suspicious transactions or unusual account activity may raise red flags, and bank accountants report their suspicions to higher authorities.

  • Following Procedures

A bank’s classifications, accounting practices, and reporting need to adhere to proper standards. Bank accountants ensure compliance with government regulations and may provide information to external auditors when they perform reviews. Bank accountants also may be responsible for tax preparation.

  • Compiling Reports

At different times of the year, bank accountants present formal documentation of the institution’s activities over a certain time period. This information helps executives with decisions by giving them a clear picture of where the bank currently stands. Other parties, such as shareholders or the public, may also be interested in these results.

Job Requirements

Accounting Skills

  • Excellent at math

A natural fluency in the language of numbers is a great starting point for a career that revolves around cash flow and finances.

  • Extreme organization

Chaos is the enemy of clean record keeping. Charged with maintaining accurate and orderly records, accountants often have the neatest desks in the office.

  • Analytical bent

The numbers don’t lie. Accountants are great at parsing data and numbers to find the patterns that emerge in reporting cycles.

  • Investigative mindset

When the numbers don’t quite add up, an accountant goes digging for the source and doesn’t give up until the mystery is solved.

  • Sharp eye for detail

Accountants can’t gloss over the fine points. A misplaced decimal point or transposed digit can wreak havoc in a financial report.

  • Structured work style

Accounting requires diligence and consistency, which attracts people who prefer a high degree of predictability in their work.

  • Aptitude for technology

From spreadsheets to specialized accounting software, accountants rely heavily on technology to keep the numbers on track.

These skills lay a strong foundation for a career in accounting, but you’ll also need a degree to move into this versatile field.

About this Company

A leading Hotels chain in Alexandria, Egypt. Has been created in the nineties as a development and management company for hotels and resorts.

Based on our beliefs and the rich Historical Assets of our Region. We have established “Paradise Inn Group” to be the... (More)

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