DevFactory Technical Product Manager - $50/hr

CrossOver - Cairo, Egypt

Experience Needed:
More than 5 years
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time Work From Home
90,000 to 100,000 USD per year
10 open positions
About the Job

Are you a rockstar developer/architect with a vision for how things SHOULD be built?

We believe some of the best Technical Product Managers come from strong technical developers who jump from coding a product to defining a product. If you are a technical hotshot and have ever wanted to have more influence on the important decisions of a product’s design, DevFactory is a unique opportunity for you. Why? Because we build software “By Developers, for Developers” and this means your strong technical skills can be used to define a product that you will be excited to use yourself and have passion to build. This role is also a great “entry level” for developers with no formal Product Management experience but pays $50/hr and will provide you structure and training for success as a product manager.

Are you a great Technical Product Manager looking for the next big thing?

DevFactory is one of the most exciting companies you could imagine for Technical Product Managers. This is a technical role defining products to solve important challenges in the software development process itself. You will be working on simple solutions to hard problems, leveraging libraries/tools wherever possible, and working with smart people from around the globe. We provide a structure and training to maximize your success as a product manager and offer a growth path of product management roles that give you increasing levels of responsibility and compensation. If you want to work on the “cutting edge” of software development problems, take your career into a path of leadership and increased responsibility, work with great people, and make $50/hr full-time, you should apply today.

One of the best Technical Product Management jobs. Period.

Here are a just a few reasons why:

  • By Developers for Developers: You know software development. Come define products you would love to use.

  • Career Growth: Writing code is important for sure, but if you can make important decisions that help an entire dev team build the right product, you can make a bigger impact. This key fact is why the best technical product managers are hard to find and command higher compensation. This position has a growth path and roles that double the compensation from this level.

  • Learn and Use Disruptive Tech: Every day you hear about how some new company is applying disruptive technology to a stagnant industry. Devfactory is your chance to learn exciting technologies but also how and when to use them. Come learn and use new technologies in AI, Machine Learning, Big Data analysis, NLP, PaaS Cloud services.

  • Work/Life Balance: DevFactory staffs global, remove teams entirely using You won’t be an “outsider” who is remote when other key players are all in an office together. We are a fully remote company and we love it. This gives you added flexibility and the opportunity to work with some of the best people around the world.

A Bit about DevFactory

The DevFactory culture is rooted in a deep appreciation for software development combined with a passion to use objective data to make development better. We are inspired by the industrial manufacturing revolution that happened over 100 years ago. Jobs were loosely defined, not measured, not specialized, not automated, and the result was terrible quality and productivity. Today manufacturing is dominated by automation, scientific measurement, and well defined processes. The result is very high quality and 100x greater productivity. We see the same opportunity in large scale software development. We build software that makes software development 10X better and we are applying the latest tools, technologies, and trends to make this happen.

Job Requirements

Required Education, Experience, Qualities, and Technologies

  • Education: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering

  • Experience: At least 5 years of current hands-on development experience in Java and able to:

    • Implement DB schemas, REST web services, message/notifications, and algorithms using Java

    • Have experience building products that make extensive use of third-party libraries

    • Clearly document/diagram the architecture of a 1-2 week project

    • Have experience reviewing engineering work deliverables created by other developers

    • Configure and use CI systems, code quality automation, Git, etc.

    • Experience with the TDD approach of development. Unit testing, mocking, and integration test

Qualities: Strong candidates should:

  • Enjoy thinking about interesting problems and then producing clear, written, technical decisions

  • Have the hands-on technical ability to quickly inspect and evaluate development work

  • Be drawn to simple/focused architectures instead of complex/un-focused architectures

  • Consider themselves to have high standards for accepting work

  • Appreciate the value of process and a scientific approach to problem solving

  • Technologies: We like to hire smart people who learn new tools/technologies as needed, but these are some of the notable technologies currently in use:

    • Back end technologies based on both J2EE and frameworks like Spring

    • Front end technologies including templating, CSS and JS frameworks

    • Data related technologies including Amazon Aurora, other Relational databases, Nosql databases, Memory Caching systems, Full Text Search engines, Big Data systems

    • Cloud or DevOps services like AWS, Docker, Azure, etc.

    • Containerization technologies such as Docker, Swarm, and Kubernetes

    • Message Queuing/Bus systems such as JMS and Amazon SQS

    • Machine Learning systems such as TensorFlow

Total Compensation: Full-time at $50/hr (40 productive hours/week)

Location: Global (remote)

Interested in Applying?

DevFactory is actively hiring candidates for this position through the CrossOver marketplace on, which is the standard for building all of our development and product management teams. Crossover is one of the premier development staffing companies today, offering high-paying jobs that are 100% remote, work from home. You never have to fight traffic to the office again and you have the freedom to choose when and where you put in your 40 hours to be most effective each week.

To qualify, please provide a resume/CV demonstrating the required experience and skills. From there, to help us find the top 1% of talent, there will be a series of interviews and online examinations. We realize these are challenging and can require a decent amount of time so we thank you in advance for your efforts. We are looking for the best

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