Warehouse Assistant Manager

Prego - New Cairo, Cairo

Applicants for
1 open position
Experience Needed:
5 to 8 years
Career Level:
Experienced (Non-Manager)
Job Type:
Full Time
1 open position
About the Job
  • The establishment and preparation of database management shown by the stores all data and information such as exchange orders and added, and the minimum and maximum demand unified the belts and prepare reports (daily - monthly - quarterly - yearly) all balances storage and movement of items inventory and provide all the data and statistics to senior management upon request.
  • Maintaining inventory items and protect them from damage, loss, take the necessary measures to get rid of stagnant varieties.
  • Assist in the timetable for the provision of production inputs prepared in accordance with the production plan.
  • The preparation and follow-up orders according to the varieties of inventory and production requirements when you reach the demand for an end to any class.
  • Supervising and ship products to and from the restaurants and the handover of foreign suppliers or warehouses and followed up with the procurement department and the Department of transmissions
  • Supervision and follow-up of the Department of movement and orders daily labor to maintain the regularity of the operational process to restaurants and accreditation maintenance requests and follow-up preventive maintenance plan for cars.
  • Ensuring that all personal hygiene standards for workers in warehouses and uniform overall appearance and cleanliness of the stores and methods of trading inventory items.
  • Prepare reports on balances of stores incoming and outgoing rates and inventory turnover.
  • Storage space planning, allowing the exploitation of all inventory spaces as much as possible, taking into account occupational safety standards.
  • Emphasis on the rehabilitation of workers in stores and get them with the necessary performance improvement training programs.
  • All necessary to end the sudden monthly inventory, inventory, inventory annual financial management and clarify all points deviation data preparation operations (plus - minus) in inventory.
  • Commitment to the work of random inventory of some inventory items at random to make sure it matches all the carrying amounts with the actual balances stores.
  • Follow-up to the preparation and processing of orders for restaurants and transport procedures car company the proper procedures in the manner which ensures transfer and in accordance with procedures approved circulation of orders.
  • Follow-up needed to ensure the functioning of the production process by providing measures necessary for the production of raw materials in a timely manner and the full supervision of the components operating under the store.
  • Follow-up to exchange requests and added to all inventory items and follow up on Powell's first recorded on the storage management system for the control of incoming and outgoing, and minimum and maximum and the point of purchase.
  • Cooperation with financial management (inventory control section) in the registration and certification of the incoming and outgoing inventory of all varieties.
  • Coordination with the administrations of both purchases and production quality to ensure conformity of the items in the approved standards of the company.
  • Follow-up required for acceptance and receipt of discards and damaged actions based on quality management report.
  • Control of inventory items from the reality of the movement of documents according to (purchase orders - supply orders - bills of exchange - Bills added).
  • Supervision of equipment used in the storage and maintenance accreditation process her requests.
  • Follow-up Storekeepers in the instructions for the application to manage the stores (FIFO rule) Alorad first-out basis.
  • A review of the results of the inventory and identify the reasons for the deviation and the damaged items in inventory and punish the offending so loaded with value, whether disabled or damaged.
Job Requirements
  • The direct supervision and complete the storage process and to take all decisions.
  • The estimated budget for warehouses and storage space required as well as the development and workforce plans.
  • Planning, organization and effective follow-up and guidance for storage operations.
  • Periodic and annual fee and put plans and policies storage reporting.
  • Research and studies prepared to raise the quality and efficiency of the company's stores.
  • Ability to use mathematical methods and statistical tests and other methods used to control stores.
  • Appropriately qualified high
  • Mastering deal with the computer and its various applications
  • mastering English language
  • Proficiency in communication skills, leadership and reporting to senior management
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Prego is a company operating by high standard in fast food.
Prego was Founded in 1997, working in restaurants (fast food) industry and the aim is to provide the taste of a unique product and different from what competitors offer and always aim to achieve a difficult... (More)

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