Warehouses Supervisor - Cold Chain

Confidential Company - Cairo

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1 open position
Experience Needed:
3 to 4 years
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Arabic, English
1 open position
About the Job


  • Provides direction and leadership to warehouse personnel regarding the efficient and effective unloading, loading, selection, and storage of product and materials to ensure efficient operations and a safe working environment.
  • Schedules employees and monitors employee activities and equipment use to meet or exceed company objectives for efficiency, economy, quality, cleanliness and productivity.


  • Directs the preparation of load plans; supervises order handling, stock picking, stock sequence preparation, and loading of delivery trucks to maximize the cube utilization. Orders truck loading according to scheduled delivery patterns, and directs special order preparation. (10 %)
  • Has experience in the cold chain warehouses.
  • Directs and monitors the day-to- day operations for the warehouse to ensure that established QIP, storage,shipping, product rotation FIFO (first in first out), cleanliness, safety, and timeliness objectives are met or exceeded. (5 %)
  • Monitors loading, dispatch, receiving, and unloading for import and export shipment times and makes appropriate changes. Ensures all import and exports of products, including necessary documents comply with GSF, governmental, and regulatory standards and procedures. (5 %)
  • Verifies picking slips with Customer Service Representatives, and ensures the preparation and distribution of all relevant reports. (5 %)
  • Maintains the storage facility to meet all GSF and government regulations. Ensures that established standards governing quality, storage, receiving, shipping, sanitation, safety and security procedures are adhered to. (5 %)
  • Plans and schedules manpower, assigns work, provides staff training and development, conducts performance evaluations, and builds an effective team to ensure that established warehouse goals for productivity, safety, sanitation, and performance are met. (5 %)
  • Coordinates the collection of recall products, and performs mock recalls at required intervals. Coordinates the collection and count of all empty trays and tanks. (5 %)
  • Assign for completion, and verifies the accuracy of, all warehouse reports. Produces computer-based andmanual reports, time records, daily logs, damage reports, etc. in a timely manner. Analyzes these reports for warehouse improvement plans and cost savings opportunities. (5 %)
  • Maintains store manger contact to address order, stock and delivery issues promptly. (5 %)
  • Maintains frequent contact with the cold storage facility to assure the efficient coordination of loading trucks and transferring product. (5 %)
  • Assures the acceptability of incoming materials through the QIP and HACCP process; has the authority to reject out-of- compliance materials. (5 %)
  • Ensures that effective inventory control is maintained within the department. Communicates with Purchasing regarding shortages of local and imported products and materials in a timely manner. (5 %)
  • Organizes and directs inventories and cycle counts: period and year-end. (5 %)
  • Monitors the cleaning of the unloading, storage, and loading facilities to meet GSF, GMP, and GWP standards. (5%)
  • Plans and coordinates warehouse vehicle and equipment maintenance needs and utilization reports to achieve safety, longevity, and efficiency objectives. (5 %)
    16. Organize storage on a First In First Out (FIFO) basis, monitors incoming and stored product for damage, and prepares necessary reports to ensure reliable product delivery. (5 %)
  • Implement operational procedures and programs related to shipping and receiving as necessary for improvements to achieve expectations for availability, storage, sanitation, and security of inventory. (5 %)
  • Monitor warehouse budget for labor cost, pallet expense, employee transport, and other cost controls to ensure operational costs are within plan. (5 %)
  • Responds promptly writing, to customer complaints specific to dry store materials with a clear explanation of corrective action; provides relevant reports and analysis to ensure appropriate decision-making, and conducts analysis on special project assignments. (5 %)
  • Performs other related and assigned duties as necessary
Job Requirements



  • Bachelors degree from an accredited college or university program in commerce,business, or related program.
  • Relevant warehouse experience may be accepted in lieu of education.
  • Certified GSF forklift operator.


  • 3 to 4 years of relevant work experience, with at least 2 years as a Lead Man. Supervisory experience a plus.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of (B / basic; J / journey; E / expert)

  • Relevant safety policies, practices, and procedures (E)
  • Storage and shipment of food or alliedF products (E)
  • Food and material handling (E)
  • Relevant regulatory, customer and GSF procedures and standards (QIP, GMP, HACCP, GWP, FIFO) (E)
  • Inventory control systems concepts and techniques (E)
  • Inventory and cycle counts by period and year-end (E)
  • Company computer stock picking system (E)
  • Forklift and pallet jack operation (E)
  • Warehouse racking systems and processes (E)
  • Warehouse safety standards and regulations (J)
  • Project management concepts and techniques (J)
  • Import, export, and customs regulations and requirements (J)
  • Supervisory concepts and techniques (J)
  • Budgetary concepts and procedures (B)
  • PC word processing and spreadsheet software applications (B)

Skills and Abilities to:

  • Safely operate all materials handling equipment
  • Perform accurate visual inspections
  • Lead a diverse workforce in a 24 hour / 7 day per week operation
  • Supervise and motivate employees in a team-based environment
  • Interpret warehouse operations anomalies and identify appropriate solutions
  • Train and coach warehouse personnel
  • Make sound decisions and take prompt and decisive action based on GSF policies and procedures, and customer standards
  • Read and process written information with a high degree of technical accuracy
  • Maintain a professional relationship with GSF staff, suppliers, and customers
  • Work effectively in a general business environment with a focus on high levels of quality and customer service
  • Understand picking slips, inventory reports, order adjustments, and other necessary documentation
  • Communicate with, and listen effectively to others
  • Read and interpret material safety data sheets
  • Work in an environment that experiences temperature fluctuations
  • Work a flexible schedule including nights, holidays, and weekends as needed in a 24/7 operation
  • Provide a positive and supportive work environment
  • Read, write, speak and perform mathematical calculations in both English and Arabic with a high level of technical expertise


  • Productivity and quality standards: efficiency, timeliness, and reliability
  • Productivity and quality standards: product integrity
  • Productivity and quality standards: off/on load rate, cases per hour
  • Product accountability relevant to inventory control
  • Teamwork within the department and across departments
  • Project / assignment standards
  • Customer satisfaction
  • External relationships with regulatory agencies, customers, and suppliers
  • Safety standards and procedures: employees
  • Safety standards and procedures: facility and warehouse equipment
  • Safety standards and procedures: food safety and handling