Malls Operations Director - Real Estate Investment Company

AGI - Obour City, Cairo

Applicants for
1 open position
Experience Needed:
5 to 10 years
Career Level:
Job Type:
Full Time
Education Level:
Bachelor's Degree at least
1 open position
About the Job
  • Resource Mobilization Limited as outlined by the Executive Officer and the Board of Directors to the most productive uses according to the generation of maximum value to the beneficiaries of the Company.
  • Develop and develop successive strategies and define the tasks of the company that seeks to implement and guide them through the implementation of its tasks and implementation
  • Develop a plan that explains the priorities of customers, employees and organizational needs
  • Maintenance and control staff, knowledge levels, position skills, expansion, motivation to achieve regulatory requirements
  • Drive performance metrics to measure performance in the process of considering the efficiency and effectiveness of the system
  • Organizing limited resources for more productive inputs
  • Develop their consultation for employees and workers, and identify appropriate rewards and training.
  • Develop a plan to organize employee needs.
  • Planning by prioritizing customers, employees, and regulatory requirements.
  • Employee control, knowledge levels, skills, expectations, and motivation to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Measure the effectiveness of the system
Job Requirements
  • Positive work ethics: dedication, hard work and loyalty
  • Complete the work assigned to you: Employers seek out people who do a job, and stay in attempts to solve any problem and complete the work required. Work ethic is now directly related to production.
  • The employee must have a passport.
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks priorities, adapt to changing circumstances and work tasks.
  • Trustworthy and dependable you: Access to work and finish work required on time
  • Access to work on time: no doubt to all employers to work? Access to work on time (at school or university).
  • Integrity: Honesty, ethics and responsibility
  • Be honest and do the right thing.
  • Employers value this value more than any other value, especially in the light of recent corporate scandals.
  • Teamwork: Integration with teamwork and problem solving
    Working with others as a team
  • Adaptability and flexibility :
    The ability to adapt is to open up to modern ideas and concepts to work directly or clearly from a team, and perform multiple tasks or projects.
  • Flexibility is whether you have it? He or she can be flexible and adapt and work when needed
  • Initiative: Work independently
  • Take things and work independently and go to the extreme.
  • Be above expectations with little or no supervision.
  • Professional: Positive attitude and self-motivation
  • Regularly achieving achievements, dedicated, and committed to the performance of the duty that employers are always looking for the owner of the positive attitude. Job seekers who have received their work and are motivated to work, like them.
  • Professional: self-presentation
  • Professional interaction is also self-presentation and basic communication skills with others that enable you to achieve success in your goals in the workplace, appearance, cleanliness and clothing.
  • Communication skills such as e-mail, telephone, public etiquette and body language. Body language is one of the most important to give a good or negative impression.
  • Ability to deal with others: recognize the difference
  • Ability to communicate with your coworkers, inspire others, do not fill, and do not bother yourself. The biggest problems within each job are diversity, so jobseekers must
  • Self-confidence
    Look at himself, if you do not believe in yourself, you do not believe in yourself, do I? Be confident in yourself and what you can add to the employer.
  • Logical and good conduct
    Common sense is the basic ability to grasp, understand, and judge the tariff. The best way to gain this skill is to think before acting, if you do it.
About this Company

AGI, Arab Group Investments, is a reputable real estate company that has successfully and strongly established itself in the Egyptian market.
Founded in 1984, AGI started with the sole aim of delivering unique real estate projects to customers.
AGI has been... (More)

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