Landscape Manager

Shehab Mazhar - North Coast, Matruh

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2 open positions
Experience Needed:
15 to 20 years
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Full Time
2 open positions
About the Job

About the Job

General Description:

  • The Landscape Manager is responsible for the overall supervision of commercial, retail, municipal, and various other landscape architectural design projects. The underlying focus of the Landscape Manager should be providing the utmost satisfaction to the client via ensuring projects are functional, aesthetically pleasing, code-compliant, completed within the allocated period of time and within the budget that has been assigned.


  • The Landscape Manager is expected to operate under a certain degree of autonomy using the staff and resources allocated to them to provide top quality service to the client. The Landscape Manager is required to maintain strong client relationships, meet project financial goals, and ensure the project team is providing high levels of client service and satisfaction.

Responsibilities :

The specific responsibilities of the Landscape Manager include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Oversee preparation of landscape architectural design and construction documents in keeping with the firm’s design philosophy. That philosophy is to provide the client not only what is necessary from a permitting standpoint, but also to provide the client with a set of documents which will allow the successful bidder to construct the project efficiently and with minimal changes in the scope of work.
  • Integration and detailed understanding of multiple key factors should be considered during the course of design:
  • The following is a brief list of some of the key factors:
    • Successful implementation of the client’s program
    • Functional use of the project site
    • Aesthetic concerns
    • Sound landscape architectural practices
    • Municipal regulations and requirements
    • Sensitivity to costs
    • Construct-ability of the design

Bidding and Permitting

  • The Landscape Manager is expected to work with the Client to obtain construction pricing through various means including, but not limited to:
    • Public advertisement and bidding
    • Invited list of bidders
    • Negotiated contracts
    • Pre-Bid Conferences
  • The Landscape Manager is expected to coordinate and issue addenda (or answer) as needed during the Bidding Phase.
  • The Project Manager is expected to review and evaluate construction bids and recommend appropriate actions to the Client.
  • The Landscape Manager is expected to work closely with state and other municipal authorities to ensure all appropriate approvals are granted prior to commencement of construction.
  • The Landscape Manager will be expected to represent the firm and the client through multiple bidding and/or entitlement processes if required by the project. Those processes include, but are not limited to:
  • Rezoning
  • Variances
  • Annexations
  • Neighborhood Meetings

Construction Administration

  • The Landscape Manager will be expected to have a detailed understanding of the field conditions and challenges faced by the Contractor. They must be able to convey specific elements of the design and overall project to the contractor throughout the construction phase. This shall be accomplished through:
    • Attendance at Pre-Construction Conference
    • Review and evaluation of construction submitting
    • Review and recommendation of Contractor Pay Requests
    • Periodic observation of the construction site
    • Conducting Substantial and Final Completion Inspections and preparing appropriate punch lists and certificates.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements


  • This position requires a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture.
  • The applicant should have exceptional communication skills, exhibit great attention to detail, and be capable of managing multiple projects and multiple team members.
  • Experience in the landscape architectural field is desired