WUZZUF Pricing

Suitable for The ultimate hiring experience with unlimited features and benefits A complete premium hiring experience with dedicated team for support Post jobs and search database for candidates you can't find anywhere else For basic hiring needs
Access Details more details... more details... more details... more details...
Duration 1 Month Access 1 Month Access 1 Month Access 1 Month Access
Profile views Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 500 Profile views
Unlocks (?) 300 Unlocks 100 Unlocks 40 Unlocks 10 Unlocks
Job Posts Unlimited 5 Jobs 3 Jobs 2 Jobs
Users Unlimited 5 Users 3 Users 2 Users
Invitations Credit 75 Invitations 25 Invitations 10 Invitations 5 Invitations
Extended View(?)
Featured Logo(?)
Free Training(?)

[ Egypt ]

Starting at...
9,000 L.E.
3,000 L.E. 1,500 L.E. 750 L.E.

Which plan should I choose?

It all depends on your hiring needs. Each plan has different limits for viewing and unlocking CVs and also for posting jobs. It is very important to select based on the average number of candidates you need to hire per month.

Of course, you can get extra savings up to 25% by buying a package of multiple months. Still need help? Send us an email and we'll contact you right away.

How are the Profile views and Job Post limits calculated?

Profile views count how many job seekers or CVs you view. CV Unlocks count the number of candidates you need to contact. If you view a job seeker profile without his contact information, he will be counted as a CV view but not as an unlock.

Once you reach your CV unlock limit, you may be able to view profiles from CV search and job applicants but will not be able to see their contact details. Once you reach your job post limit you will not be able to post new jobs but will still be able to search if you still have Profile views remaining. Once Profile views or Job Posting credits finish, you will need to purchase a new hiring package.

What payment methods are available?

We accept payments with credit cards, bank transfers, and cash collection (only in Egypt). If you pay with credit card you will get access right away to posting your jobs and searching our CV database. Paying with cash or through bank usually takes longer, that’s why we recommend paying with credit.
wuzzuf payment visa master cash on delivery bank transfer

When I post a job, how do job seekers apply?

You have the option of whether you want to candidates to apply directly through WUZZUF and we will send you daily or weekly email alerts of new applicants. Or you can post your job and have candidates apply on an external URL on your company’s website or system.

What kind of support do you offer?

You can email us at support@wuzzuf.net anytime even before you signup if you need any help regarding our services. Once you join, you will also have an account manager who will follow up with you and who you can call anytime for support. We’re always available if you need any help with hiring with WUZZUF

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we do. When you signup, you will receive seasonal and special discount offers when available. That’s why we recommend you have your own business email in your account (e.g. yourname@yourcompany.com) NOT the hr, careers, or jobs@company.com which usually gets high traffic of CVs and might result in you missing our special offers.

Requirements to sign-up for an employer account

Any enterprise or organization which needs to post jobs and hire great professionals can join as an employer. We will just have a simple approval process to verify that you represent your organization. In order to make the approval process faster, please signup with your own business email (e.g. yourname@company.com NOT hr@company.com or careers@company.com or free email accounts on Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail).

Signing up with a free email account will make the approval process longer and we will need to see a working website for your company, call you on a valid phone, or see official documents for your organization. We do this to protect privacy of our job seekers as not to be contacted except by true and real employers.

Can many users access the same account?

If you have many users who need to access your WUZZUF account, you can add multiple sub-users to the same account (e.g. HR Manager, Recruitment Specialist, and Technical Hiring Managers). You can also specify which users get email alerts for each job post.

What happens when my plan expires?

If your hiring plan expires, all unused credit of contacting job seekers and unused job posts will also expire and be unusable.

Questions? Concerns? Contact us day or night at support@wuzzuf.net