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Private Sector Engagement Consultant for MOHP/FP sector Governorate team

John Snow InC
Cairo, Egypt
Posted 16 days ago
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Job Details

Experience Needed:
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Job Description

This post will expire on Wednesday, July 10, 2024


Please make sure that the interested consultant will be able to comply with either options hereunder:

  • A valid tax card (with the ability to issue an electronic invoice)
  • An officially stamped social printout that you are insured under any entity as per the new procedures set by the Egyptian Tax Authority along with an HR letter with the current salary


The interested candidate should provide the following:

  1. Resume
  2. Technical proposal
  3. Financial offers (includes daily rate)
  4. Pervious work related to the scope of work
  5. Reference letters if applicable

SEFPP seeks an experienced Private Sector Engagement (PSE) Consultant who can enhance the Ministry
of Health and Population/Family Planning sector (MoHP/FP) governorate teams' capabilities. The
objective is to foster strong connections with private sector entities, aid in crafting compelling
proposals, and provide training on effective pitching techniques. This assistance is crucial in facilitating
their goal of collaborating with private sector companies keen on supporting Family Planning initiatives.
Public and private sector cooperation offers numerous benefits, this cooperation can address social
issues more effectively by combining the resources and expertise of both sectors. This includes
initiatives such as corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and public-private partnerships to
address societal challenges like poverty, healthcare, and education.

The consultant will be tasked with the following:


  1. Train MoHP/FP Sector’ governorate team for needed proposal writing skills, to equip
    participants with the knowledge and tools needed to create effective proposals. The main
    components of proposal writing training generally include:
    1. Understanding the Proposal Process: An overview of the proposal writing process,
      including the purpose of proposals, common types of proposals, and the typical steps
      involved in writing and submitting a proposal.
    2. Identifying Funding Opportunities: Techniques for researching and identifying potential
      funding sources, including private sector foundations, corporations, and other grantmaking
      organizations. This may involve using online databases, networking, and staying
      informed about funding trends and opportunities.
    3. Needs Assessment and Problem Definition: Methods for conducting needs assessments
      to identify and define the problem or need that the proposed project or initiative will
      address. This involves gathering data, analyzing trends, and understanding the root
      causes of the issue.
    4. Setting Clear Objectives and Goals: Strategies for setting clear, specific, measurable,
      achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) objectives and goals for the proposed
      project. Participants learn how to align project goals with the identified needs and
      articulate the expected outcomes and impact.
    5. Budgeting and Financial Planning: Skills for developing comprehensive project budgets,
      including estimating costs, identifying sources of funding, and creating realistic financial
      projections. Participants learn how to justify expenses, calculate indirect costs, and
      present budgets in a clear and professional manner.
    6. Writing Techniques and Communication Skills: Tips and best practices for writing clear,
      concise, and persuasive proposals. This includes guidance on structuring proposals,
      using plain language, avoiding jargon, and tailoring the language and tone to the
    7. Incorporating Evidence and Data: Strategies for incorporating evidence, data, and
      research findings to support the need for the proposed project and to demonstrate its
      potential impact. Participants learn how to gather, analyze, and present data effectively.
    8. Evaluation and Monitoring: Techniques for designing evaluation and monitoring plans
      to assess the effectiveness and progress of the proposed project. This includes
      identifying key performance indicators, collecting data, analyzing results, and reporting
      on outcomes.
    9. Ethical Considerations and Best Practices: Discussion of ethical considerations in
      proposal writing, including issues related to transparency, accountability, conflict of
      interest, and responsible stewardship of resources. Participants learn about best
      practices for ethical fundraising and grant-seeking.
  2. Practical Exercises: Participants to apply their learning through practical exercises and group
    discussions. This allows participants to practice writing components of a proposal and receive
  3. Proposal Submission and Follow-Up: Guidance on the final steps of the proposal writing
    process, including formatting, packaging, pitch ideas and submitting proposals according to
    funder guidelines. Participants also learn about strategies for following up on proposals,
    communicating with funders, and managing relationships.

Job Requirements

  • Proven experience as a private sector engagement consultant.
  • Demonstrated experience working with international donors and governmental entities to
    achieve desired outcomes
  • Significant experience in proposal writing. This may include previous work as a proposal writer,
    grant writer, technical writer, or similar role in nonprofit organizations.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate with a diverse team of

The interested candidate should provide the following:

  1. Resume
  2. Technical proposal
  3. Financial offers (includes daily rate)
  4. Pervious work related to the scope of work
  5. Reference letters if applicable
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